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"Tutim" - Strawberries 

We're so happy and proud to share our new music video with you! Enjoy!

This season was amazing and this video is a great proof! We love ‪"Tutim" ‬(strawberries in Hebrew) and this cool poppy song by Ethnix.

Arranged by Noam Vazana | Video by LensmanLewkDesign | Recording by Itai Weissman

  Live @ Amsterdam FM    

  Live @ Yom Tsavta Arnhem    

In April we performed five songs live on Radio station Amsterdam FM, check out our special arrangement for Gidi Gov's "Annie shuv mit'ahev".


Lyrics: Yona Wallach

Music: Tzuf Philosoph

Arrangement: Noam Vazana

In september we played a show @ Yom Tavta in Arnhem. Check out our pefroemance of Banzin's "Yom Shishi"


Lyrics: Ya'ankale Rotblit  

Music: Miki Gavrielov

Arrangement: Noam Vazana

During rehearsals, we're having a lot of fun! Check out this cool version of "Einech yechola".


Lyrics: Yoram Teharlev

Music: Shmulik Kraus

Arrangement: Noam Vazana


  Check out our rehearsals    

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