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  Noam Vazana  

Conductor & Artistic Director

Noam Vazana is an exceptional Artistic Director and Conductor with more than 16 years experience leading various professional musical productions. Her unique approach to vocal arrangement implements her skills as she uses close harmony voicing and blends influences of Gospel, Jazz and Pop into traditional Israeli-Mediterranean songs. The result is a fresh, groovy, sound-scape composed in sophisticated simplicity, alongside her spiking piano accompaniment.

Vazana's extensive education includes the Amsterdam Conservatory, the Jerusalem Music Academy and the Tel Aviv Music Academy. She had the honour to study with the finest teachers: Ivan Meylemans, Arnie Lawrence, Avner Biron, Michael Shani, Micha Davis, Galina Vracheva, Michael Wolpeh and Marina Levitt. She received masterclasses from: Zubin Mehta, Lucas Vis and Rex Martin. Noam conducted the Young Talent Wind Orchestra of the Jerusalem Music Academy and the Young Talent Choir of the Jerusalem Conservatory.

Vazana won the SENA Music Production Award 2019, the ACE Premiere Award 2019, the International Sephardic Music Award 2017, the ACUM Album Award 2014, won the Mooie Noten Competition 2010 and received the AICF Scholarship for excellence in young musicians 6 years in a row 2006-2000.

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